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Save big on our most popular 2021 flower, prerolls, and concentrates. While supplies last.
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Sungrown Flower
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Exceptional, sungrown craft cannabis, sustainably grown in small batches by independent farmers.
Sungrown Pre-rolls
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Full flower, sungrown strain specific pre-rolls lovingly rolled into smooth tokes, available in multipacks or 1 grams. Save 10% when you buy three or more.
Infused Pre-rolls
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Premium infused 1g pre-rolls curated to enhance the strain and potency. 85% flower, 15% live resin extracts and 100% sungrown, out-of-this-world goodness. Save 10% when you buy three or more!


Flow Kana partners with independent multi-generational farmers who cultivate under full sun, sustainably, and in small batches. Using only organic methods, these stewards of the land have spent their lives balancing a unique and harmonious relationship between the farm, the genetics and the terroir. The result is an unparalleled product that simply cannot be found anywhere else.